How to Create a Telegram Account

Wondering how to join Telegram and make a new Telegram Account? This is exactly where you need to be! We have given a schematic representation of how to make a Telegram Account for beginners who haven’t played with the application yet.

Making an account on Telegram is quite simple if you have prior knowledge of how the application works. In this article, we have given a basic gist of how this application became the most used cloud-based instant messaging app in the world. Along with this, we have also mentioned some tips and tricks to find your way around the various perks of the software.

How to create a Telegram Account

Since this article contains a detailed stepwise procedure of how to make an account, we thought that it would be better to show you with screen grabs of our own phone. So, along with every step of the journey, we have given a screenshot of it on iOS as well as Android.

Telegram has amassed millions of users globally and the number seems to be going nowhere but up. The secret to its large database is nothing but a simplistic user interface. Making an account, amongst various parts of the application, is a simple procedure.  And it becomes even simpler when there is someone to guide you. In this case, it is us,

Here are the basic steps which you need to follow in order to make an account on Telegram.

  • Step 1:-

Start by going to the app store and downloading the application. The official website of the application is

  • Step 2:-

Start the download procedure for the Telegram App and open it once finished.

How to create Telegram Account

  • Step 3:-

Tap on the Start Messaging button to sign up with your information and make an account.

  • Step 4:-

Now, on the screen which comes up, select your country. Below that, you will have to enter your active phone number. This number will be saved as your official Telegram number.

  • Step 5:-

After you have successfully selected your home nation and your phone number, tap on the “Tick” which is at the top right corner of the screen.

Enter Number for Telegram Registration

  • Step 6:-

Telegram will send you a verification code on the number. Fill in the code which you received seconds ago on the screen and you will be verified to use Telegram.

  • Step 7:-

Now, set up your first and last name. This will be shown to other people who might not have saved your contact.

Fill your name for Telegram Account

  • Step 8:-

Your Telegram Account has been made.

Steps to Create Telegram Account

  • Step 9:-

Tap on the pencil sign to start chatting! This will be at the extreme bottom right.

Start Messaging

Happy Chatting!

The Guide to Create a Telegram Account cannot be simpler! Did you find this tutorial helpful with regards to making a Telegram Account? We have several other guides on our page which will help you master this application.

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