Privacy Policy

At, your privacy is extremely important to us. This policy enlists the information which we receive and collect when you mingle with us and make use of our website. It also outlines why we amass this data and how we utilize this information.

Non-Personally Identifiable Data

Our site tracks routine information which cannot be identified personally about visitors including their IP addresses, referral pages, timestamps, browser details, and frequency of visits.

Please note that none of this information can personally detect particular visitors to this site, however they help us gather insight towards the behavior of the reader online.

We promise that we will utilize this information only for the betterment of the site and the user’s next experience.

Personal Information

Our site does not collect date which can be used to detect specific visitors, except for when the user willingly provides such information.

This includes their names, email address, personal comments, opinions and hyperlinks to enlist some. While you are visiting this site, the reader should remember that they are in complete control of their information.

We do no indulge in selling, renting or exchanging personal information of the viewers for any other purpose.

Browser Cookies and Web Scripts

Please note that this site makes use of cookies, which are small sized text files stored to your hard drive by your browser application.

Cookies usually store information for the preferences and save it in their browsing history. We make use of this information for the use of serving you better and provide you with content exclusively catered to your needs and wants.

The advertising and analytics partners, both in house and third party, may use these cookies and web scripts to study and analyze the behavior of the visitor in order to give targeted ads and other useful information.

However, please also note that aforementioned cookies and web scripts do not let us personally take up information about you, but except for the information you wish to share with us.

You can however choose to enable or disable cookies. All you have to do is go to your browser settings and disable cookies.

It is worth noting that, if you do it, you may miss out on some of the key features of the site.

Managing Your Privacy

If you do not wish to share your browser behavior data and other non-personally identifiable data, you can change your browser settings to disable cookies.

However, we are not in favor of this as you may miss out the key functions of the site while you are doing it.

External Web Links

This privacy policy only holds good for all the pages that are there on this website. Please note that this site may contain external links to other websites and social media pages.

It is to be noted that we are in no way responsible for the privacy practices of these external sites and pages, as they are not governed by us at all.

Maybe it’s there that the content on this site may be related to our articles, posts and topics, we are in no way related to the holders and operators of these sites. We do not endorse any services, celebrities, personality’s material, products, ideas and opinions that these sites may have to offer.

In case you wish to show your annoyance/grievances related to this, please contact them directly.

Note about Google AdSense

Viewers please note that some advertisements appearing on our site are served by Google, Inc. and affiliated companies.

These ads are controlled using special cookies which allow Google to display ads based on personal preference. These cookies and web scripts use non-personally identifiable information and are in no way tracking personal information about you.

They in no way track your name, physical address, email address, age and the like. Any tracking or sort of related activity done by Google is subjected to Google’s privacy policy.

If you want to opt out of the cookie usage system, then please visit Google Advertising’s privacy policy and terms at for more details.

Updates and Changes

It is to be noted that as this site grows in size and viewership, web are bound to add new features and topics, services and functionality.

If such changes and updates directly influence the privacy policy, we will update this policy document and notify the readers about the same.