Latest Updates on Telegram for Android and iOS

The latest update of Telegram has been termed as extremely user-friendly and attractive. There are numerous Telegram Updates which have been enumerated in the following segments of the article.

Since the day it was launched, Telegram has focused a large chunk of their attention on delivering complete privacy and ease to its users. This latest update has brought forward plenty of additions to the application which have once again made sure that it is one of the best instant messaging apps in the world.

Since the team regularly updates its user interface to provide a much more satisfying experience for people from all walks of life, there are new key features arriving on the app which further guarantee this.

The new features and UI changes available on the app are now active for Android (v5.5) and iOS (v5.5). This version of the Telegram app is for Android users and according to sources, the update will be live on iOS as soon as possible.

This article will walk you through the briefings of the latest version of the Telegram app.  Some of the main attractions of the latest updates are:-

Telegram Version-v5.5 Update

  1. Delete Messages

The facility to delete messages for both the sender as well as a recipient in a private conversation without any time frame. This is a novel concept which is not prevalent in other similar instant messaging apps. This feature can be utilized by a simple long-press on a message and tap on the delete button.

  1. Forward Messages Anonymously

You will also be able to now forward messages anonymously without anyone tracing it back to the sender’s profile. This enables users to broadcast messages and circulate them easily without having a worry of it reverberating back to their own profile.

This system which prevents other people from tracking a forwarded message to the sender’s account helps users specify between contacts, nobody, and everybody. After this feature is enabled, tapping on the original sender’s name in the ‘from’ field will lead to a blank screen.

Another feature which has been applied is auto rotate to a screen when turned sideways.

  1. Search bar on the settings menu.

If you are unable to find an option in the setting menu, you can find the option by typing it out on the search bar.

Also, users can now control whether they want to receive notifications from all accounts, in case they have multiple Telegram profiles. Call quality has also been improved.

  1. Privacy Settings for Profile Picture

Users are now given the provision to choose who views their profile picture. This will greatly enhance the privacy features of the app. The options which you can choose are given in the picture below.

There is also a new option which facilitates users to limit the number of people who view their profile picture.

The GIF, emoji, and sticker search panel has been constructed better and various new features have been added too.

Users can now regulate the number of notifications they wish to receive from all accounts, in case they have multiple Telegram profiles. Moreover, call quality has also improved significantly.

  1. Improvement in Video Streaming

You will not be required to wait for a large GIF or video file to download before they can watch it. The system will be able to stream it on the spot. This will provide you with an option to watch the GIFs and videos as soon as you receive them. All you have to do to watch a GIF is long pressing on it.

  1. Stickers

Additionally, sticker packs have come with a dedicated icon which will be easier to locate. Furthermore, the system will automatically generate and suggest the most relevant emoji based on the first-word users’ type. One can also use keywords in numerous languages to find the right emoji in the Android version of the app.

Further to be mentioned is that the emojis sent without an add-on text will appear larger on the Telegram app for Android.

  1. Voice-based Control

The Android version of the app has received extended support for the TalkBack whereas the iOS version has gained support for the VoiceOver as a beneficial pointer for all-around accessibility for everyone. logo

These are some of the most notable features which have been updated on the Telegram App. We have tried to cover all the key updates new on this application.

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