Telegram v 5.7.1 Version Latest Updates for Android & iOS with Features

After completing the milestone of 200 million monthly users in 2018, the Telegram backend went on updating the application to reach and amass more and more active users. June 2019 has started with Telegram releasing its latest update which focusses primarily on privacy and expands the idea of safe communication between individuals. This instant messaging app is well appreciated across the globe and it keeps adding features which make it better and more user-friendly.

This version too has brought forth some significant enhancements in the app which will increase user satisfaction. This article contains an in-depth analysis of the new updates which have been changed for the better or for the worse in the version v5.7.1.

As we already mentioned above, the hottest version of the app is the v5.7.1 which is now available for download on both Android and iOS. The update can be downloaded from the play store or app store for the Android Version and the Apple version respectively.

The app has considerably improved some of its pivotal structures and thus causing a large shift in the WhatsApp vs Telegram feud.

We @ will walk you through some of the most prominent changes which have been noticed in the latest version and this will give you a clear picture of what and where the most recent modifications are coming from.

Telegram recently releasing its latest version is extremely user-oriented and some of the key features which have been updated in this version have been given below.

telegram update v5.7.2

  1. Privacy Settings for Phone Number

You can now choose who you wish to share your phone number with by visiting the “Privacy & Security”. The options you will get are – “Everybody”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”. You will also get an option to allow exceptions where you can select the users who will be exempted from this.

  1. View any public channel without a Telegram Account

You no longer require a Telegram account to view and access public telegram channels. This can be said to be borrowed from the YouTube algorithms, but nonetheless, quite useful to all users.

  1. Connect a discussion group to your channel

“Discuss” button for Channel subscribers has been given which means that best of both the worlds (Channels and Groups) have been incorporated into a single piece. The best two features of channels and groups have been merged. This will enable users to discuss and chat about anything on a channel as well.

  1. Improved design when confirming actions, searching for messages and adding users to groups.

The pop-up screen which comes up when confirming actions has become better in its design and structure. You will also be able to search for messages in the search bar.

A detailed search bar has also been incorporated in the application for adding members to other groups or channels.

  1. Integrate bots with web services

The algorithm has seamlessly assimilated bots into web services. Bots are now much more helpful and useful.

  1. Scam Alerts

New Scam Alerts will be visible whenever there is an issue in the application. This is a late update because this application had been lacking this since its launch. logo

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